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Ashford AC is managed by an Executive Committee who are listed below. Click on a name to see a committee member's profile.  

The Chairman and Vice-Chairman are elected from the executive committee.

The Executive Committee is supported by the Operational Team. The Operational Team consists of team managers from the various leagues, schools liaison member, coaching co-ordinator and development officer. The Club President and Vice-President are also considered to be part of the support team. The operational team feed information and requests to the executive via their respective rep on the Executive Committee.

Executive Committee meet at least monthly at the club’s headquarters, the Julie Rose Stadium.

If you have any issues which affect the Club’s performance and structure please contact your Team Manager or Coach in the first instance. If you feel your concerns are not being addressed properly please contact a member of the Executive Committee.

Name Responsibility Email Address  
Andrea Bennett Website Administration
Fiona Crawford Membership Secretary
Kate Dickinson Secretary, Day to Day Finances, Signatory, Website Administration, Front Desk, Clothing
Chris Hobbs Vice Chairperson
Jennie Mathews Minute Taker
Chas Robinson League Reports, Records, Press Officer
Jane Smith Front Desk, U13-U20 XC Men's Team Manager
Lewis Smith Results and Website Administrator
Jacqi Snare Chairperson, Welfare Officer.
Tina Tappenden Team manager Rep. YDL, Social fundraiser, Inductions
Michael Teale KYAL Team Manager
Photo of Andrea Bennett

Andrea Bennett

Photo of Fiona Crawford

Fiona Crawford

Mobile: 07950 530222

Photo of Kate Dickinson

Kate Dickinson

Photo of Chris Hobbs

Chris Hobbs

Photo of Jennie Mathews

Jennie Mathews

Photo of Chas Robinson

Chas Robinson

Photo of Jane Smith

Jane Smith

Mobile: 07852 526323

Photo of Lewis Smith

Lewis Smith

Mobile: 07933 991245

Photo of Jacqi Snare

Jacqi Snare

Mobile: 07796 953305

Photo of Tina Tappenden

Tina Tappenden

Mobile: 07754 458233

Photo of Michael Teale

Michael Teale

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Givaudan Ashford 10k is on Sunday Oct 8th. Click on the image above for more information.

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